Heather Hutson, CFP®

Lead Advisor
Direct: 206.466.6209

As a Lead Advisor at Paracle, I am your primary point of contact. I am responsible for helping you to identify and achieve your goals over time. Additionally, I help coordinate with your other trusted Advisors (CPA, attorney, insurance agents) to be certain all aspects of your financial life are appropriately addressed and working together. I want to ensure you have confidence in your overall financial life.

I joined Paracle in 2009 because I appreciated the authentic relationships the team formed with each other as well as the families that we serve. I liked that Paracle could provide independent, objective advice, and appreciated the Paracle philosophy that emphasized focusing first on each of our client’s unique goals and allowing that planning to help direct our investment decisions.

My favorite part of the job is learning about families’ goals and being a part of helping them to achieve these milestones. Perhaps it’s buying a new house, starting a business, saving for their children’s education, or making the transition into retirement. It’s very rewarding when you get to be alongside for the journey and see the goals come to fruition.

I love coming to work every day! Who gets to say that?! I love the support our team provides one another and the laughter we share. Every decision and action we make is with our clients’ and community’s best interest in mind.

The investment world is overly complicated and our goal is to make it approachable and understandable. Our clients have enough to think about at work, with families, or other commitments – we are here to help. We’ve accomplished our goal if we can simplify seemingly complex financial decisions and provide our clients with confidence in their financial and investment plan.


Anchorage, Alaska

Academic Background:

Seattle University, Finance

Professional Designations:


Outside the Office

Why did you choose your prop?
I love to cook and travel so this book is the perfect blend of my passions! I was part of a weekly dinner club for years that explored cooking new cuisines. Now, I enjoy creating my own recipes to share while entertaining friends. My most recent travel adventures were to Qatar as well as a solo trip to northern Italy for two weeks. Many more countries (and culinary adventures) are on the bucket list!

What else do you do like to do for fun?
Outside of work, I enjoy biking, hiking, and spoiling my dog, Axle. I also enjoy volunteering and supporting various causes around the Seattle area.

If you could trade places with any person or movie character for a day, who would it be and why?
I am fascinated with space exploration, so I would have loved to be in Neil Armstrong’s shoes the day he walked on the moon and had the opportunity to see Earth from space.

Favorite Hobby:


Favorite Movie:


Favorite Work Music:

Silence. Unless it’s the holidays, then it’s Christmas music 24/7.

Favorite Workout Music:

Anything that I can dance to!

Most Desired Super Power:

Toss up! Ability to know the future (to help predict the stock market) or ability to control weather (so I can help Seattle avoid so much gray/rain!)