Hans Krippaehne

Research Analyst
Direct: 206.466.6218

As a member of the Investment Research Team, I monitor our current model portfolios as well as conduct research in order to make recommendations for improvements to the models. I provide investment related support for our advisory teams by helping answer client questions, analyzing prospective client portfolios, writing commentary on financial markets and contributing to other thought pieces relevant to the investment strategies we pursue.

I would call it luck that I ended up having an informational interview with Paracle that turned into part time work. As I spent more time at the company, I realized that I likely could not have chosen a better place to work. The willingness to take a chance on someone with little experience is something that I personally appreciate.

At Paracle, I enjoy knowing that I’m making a difference in a family’s life. The question “why?” has always been important to me. Figuring out how things work and what drives peoples decisions is also very interesting.

The best part about working at Paracle is the support you get from team members in all facets of life.


Seattle, Washington

Academic Background:

Santa Clara University, Economics

Professional Designations:

CFA Level I

Outside the Office

Why did you choose your prop?
The calculator represents my passion for analysis. My preferred calculator is actually Excel.

What else do you do like to do for fun?
Bike, hike, play and watch soccer, and most board sports.

If you could trade places with any person or movie character for a day, who would it be and why?
A Blue Angels pilot. It would be epic to fly around a major city in a fighter jet – something my weak stomach would probably not be able to handle.

Favorite Hobby:

Board sports (snowboarding, skimboarding)

Favorite Movie:

City of God

Favorite Work Music:

Drum & Bass/EDM

Favorite Work Out Music:

Drum & Bass/EDM

Most Desired Super Power:

Control time