EJ Brink, CFP®

Managing Director-
Direct: 206.466.6202

As a Partner at Paracle, I am responsible for setting firm-wide standards, with a specific focus in the area of our investment approach. I also continue to directly serve some families. Continuing to have a hand in daily client work helps keep my perspective grounded in the real world of client experiences, which unquestionably helps to keep our investment approach practical.

I left my prior firm in 2004 as it moved upscale to serve the needs of the ultra-affluent. I knew that I wanted to focus my career on serving moderately wealthy clients, who I observed were highly motivated and connected to their need to integrate good financial planning with thoughtful investment management. I quickly discovered that the best way to accomplish this was to build a new firm dedicated to this purpose. I was fortunate to cross paths with Josh Harris and Anne Marie Stonich, who had a similar objective.

It’s fun getting to know a wide variety of people, understanding that my job is to help them meet their own unique goals. Helping explore possibilities and put all the pieces of the financial puzzle together is extremely rewarding work. The best moments are when someone exclaims, “this financial stuff finally makes sense!”

The best part of being on the Paracle team is having a genuine desire to help families that have trusted us to serve them. While there are many different skills and styles amongst our team members, a desire to help people is a unifying element for our entire team.

I can’t say that any of our core values stand out more than another, although simplification is likely the thing that requires the most constant attention. Honesty and inquisitiveness are ingrained in our DNA, but we must always continue to ask ourselves: have we made this as straightforward as possible? Many firms try to impress their clients by talking over their heads. We sincerely try to do the reverse, to impress our clients by making things accessible and understandable.


Honolulu, HI

Academic Background:

Seattle Pacific University, Finance

Professional Designations:

CFP®, Series 65 Uniform Investment Advisor Representative

Outside the Office

Why did you choose your prop?
I brought a guitar because a piano is too big. I enjoy music because it requires both structure and creativity to be good. There are strong parallels between this and other areas of life, including my work at Paracle serving families.

What else do you do like to do for fun?
I try to keep up with my family’s many activities. I dragged them out mountain biking for years, and now they let me tag along.

If you could trade places with any person or movie character for a day, who would it be and why?
Bon Jovi. Because who doesn’t want to be a ‘80s arena rocker for a day? Set the amp to 11.

Favorite Hobby:

Playing music

Favorite Movie:

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Favorite Work Music:

Jesse Cook

Favorite Workout Music:


Most Desired Super Power:

Crystal ball vision