Estate Planning for Children

What to Consider When Estate Planning for Children

If you have children, especially young ones, you absolutely should create an estate plan to address their security in the event that you pass away. This is your opportunity to decide who will care for your minor children, how your assets will be distributed, and who will…
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Identity Theft

How to Guard Against Identity Theft

Identity theft is the fraudulent use of someone’s personal data, including social security and driver’s license numbers, financial account information, credit card data, ATM passwords, online logins and even children’s personal information. Thieves can use your information to buy goods, empty your bank account or…
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Getting Ready for College

Getting Ready for College: It Pays to Plan Ahead

Paying for college can be a major challenge for any family. Planning ahead can help you lower your costs and broaden your educational choices. With some research and preparation, your child should be able to get a high quality education without taking on unreasonable debt…
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11 Questions About 529 Savings

11 Common Questions About 529 Savings Plans

A 529 savings plan is a tax advantaged account used to pay college expenses. Deposits are typically invested in mutual funds or money market instruments, shifting toward more conservative choices as the beneficiary nears college age. You may be considering a 529 for your child…
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