An investment portfolio structured to meet your needs.

Your Financial Plan

You deserve to have confidence in all areas of your financial plan.

Investment Introduction

A Baseball Analogy.

Understanding your plan is paramount. We will not invest funds until we fully understand your requirements from the portfolio. We help you determine specific cash flow needs and the return required to meet your long-term goals. By knowing your goals, we are able to create an investment strategy tailored to you.

Our core investment beliefs:

01. Total Independence

We’re 100 percent conflict-free. Our only compensation comes directly and explicitly from the clients that we serve. We have no biases, there are no hidden fees, and we do not receive compensation for selling any investment product. We are truly independent. Our only interest is you.

02. Service Driven

We believe great wealth management firms are service-driven and not product-driven. We don’t have any in-house proprietary products. We only recommend the best investment solutions available, with no other incentive. We are and will always remain a service-driven organization, committed to keeping our compensation clear and straightforward.

03. Preparing For The Future

It’s impossible to accurately predict every economic trend and stock market turn. History shows that the best path to success is to remain fully invested in a solid plan with a long-term perspective.

04. Research Produces Results

Research and preparation don’t guarantee success. However, a lack of them will certainly lead to failure. Our research brings direction to the often chaotic, always complex world of investments.

05. A Broad Strategy Is Better

Different strategies perform well at different times. Therefore, we focus on investments that are diversified across a variety of asset classes and styles.

06. Buy-And-Rebalance

The only constant with investment markets is change. We adjust your portfolio with the times. We sell over-heated areas when prices are high, and buy under-valued assets when prices are low. We adhere to this simple strategy to add value and control risk.

07. Costs Matter

We know that taxes, fees, and transaction costs can significantly impact portfolio returns. We strive to save you more of what you earn. We use our access to institutional investments with lower expenses than those available to retail investors, and pass the savings on to you.