Paracle partner, Anne Marie (Kessler) Stonich, recognized in Puget Sound Business Journal’s “40 under 40”.

Anne-Marie StonichNot many founders of financial planning companies make it a point to bike to work every day, but Anne Marie (Kessler) Stonich, co-founder and chief operating officer of Paracle Advisors, sure does. She even encourages others to do so; this year, during Bike To Work month, she gave prizes to employees who took on the challenge.

She uses the time spent biking to work to think clearly and creatively about Paracle’s goal: to give clients confidence in their financial futures by simplifying their financial lives. Kessler co-founded the business with EJ Brink and Josh Harris in 2004, when she was 28 years old.

“We looked around the industry and found that it was filled with complicated financial products and clients are left wondering, ‘Am I on track? Do I have enough?’” she said.

Now she works with clients to help give them context about their financial situations and understand what they can do to stay on track to achieve their own financial goals without feeling nervous.

Paracle has more than $450 million in assets under management, and Kessler herself has increased those assets by more than $16 million each year.

And she continues boosting the business while raising her three young children and leading a women’s cycling team, which includes many members who also own small businesses.

She uses her background as a mother and athlete, as well as the detail-oriented, number-crunching side of her brain, to relate to clients and help them feel confident about their finances.

“I like that feeling of gathering all that financial chaos or financial disorganization and coming away with a plan that makes people say, ‘OK, I have a game plan now.”

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